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About Us

  • Choose different – choose an identity

    Clandestino is a cutting-edge eyewear brand creating distinctive, sustainable sunglasses with a refreshing urban edge. Our story began in 2013 with an unquenchable thirst to create quality, label-defying sunglasses that are both contemporary and green.

    Inspired by the labyrinth of Venice – an energetic city that looks forward as much as it looks back – our small yet inspired team strives to capture the very essence of Italy's own wonderland on the water when creating our innovative, quality handmade sunglasses. At Clandestino, we transcend labels and, therefore, create sunglasses that are unisex in every sense of the word.

    With construction at our heart, our skilled team aims to inject the vibrancy of Venice into each one our designs – gondolas appear in the form of artfully constructed wooden frames while the rays of the Italian sun feature prominently, spliced into crystalline shards of glass for our lenses.

    Our team of modern makers and innovators are nature lovers, which is why sustainability and versatility is key in every pair of sunglasses we create. Not only do we ensure minimal wastage during production but we also aim to create sunglasses that are adaptable – a single pair of our frames will sit comfortably with anything in your wardrobe and, in more ways than one, won’t cost the earth.

    All our wooden sunglasses, including our bamboo sunglasses, are created using ethically-sourced materials, including FSC-certified woods such as ebony, acacia, maple, walnut, bamboo, oak, rosewood, and zebrawood. Sometimes, our team may even recycle old skateboard decks for sunglasses with an extra urban appeal. To ensure a durable finish, our frames are complete with strong metal components moulded from stainless steel and titanium. You will receive your sunglasses in a slick, foldable contemporary case that will conveniently fit in your bag, helping to keep your sunglasses ship-shape. Combining sustainability and style, we have created an urban eyewear brand like no other.

    We are incredibly proud to be the Official Partner of the Forest & Life Movement Foundation, a group whose goal it is to protect forested areas from the damage made by illegal and uncontrollable deforestation. We also proudly sponsor the Seeds of Change project – an international tree planting scheme currently active in countries such as Ecuador, France, and Peru to name a few. A percentage of every order we receive goes back into tree planting schemes which means that when you choose us, you’re choosing to make the world a better and greener place.

    When selecting your sunglasses, break away from trends. Choose different – choose an identity.

    The materials that we use are:

    Wood: ebony, acacia, maple, walnut, bamboo, oak, rosewood, Zebra wood, recycled skateboard decks.

    Metal: stainless steel, titanium.

    Acetate: bio degradable material resembling plastic made from cotton.